“I see a bad moon rising . . . I see trouble on the way . . . don’t go out tonight, it’s bound to take your life, there’s a bad moon on the rise,” lyrics that tell more than a tale of the dangers of a werewolf running around the streets of London.
There is hidden danger when you eat high-calorie, nutrient-absent foods at night when the moon is out.
For most people, the biggest meal of the day is dinner.
Typically this is a high-carb meal, including a couple of alcoholic drinks and some kind bread, pasta, or rice. Along with those carbs, we have a small piece of protein, e.g., fish, chicken, or steak, followed by more carbs—a piece of cake or pie, or a dish of ice cream.
With the resulting rise in blood sugar, insulin comes rushing out to deal with the sugar, storing it in the liver and muscles, then stuffing the excess into fat cells. Worse yet, this is happening at night, when we’re winding down and getting ready for bed.
While we sleep, insulin stores the unused calories as fat around the waist, which then buries the abs. Eating lots of calories at night will make you fat – A high-carb meal will also cause the release of somatostatin, also known as a growth hormone-inhibiting hormone.
Growth hormone is secreted from the brain about an hour after falling asleep. Its function in the body is to build and repair muscle tissue, stimulate the immune system, and burn fat.
If you eat high-calorie carbs at night you increase somatostatin, shut down the production of growth hormone, and halt fat burning.
One more point here:  Unlike other animals, we are not meant to eat and then sleep. We are built to eat while active in order to ensure that we burn what we eat. Therefore, we should eat frequently throughout the day while active—while the sun shines—not while sleeping . . . when the moon is out.
Burning fat isn’t as complicated as some people think it is. If you continue to eat a high-calorie dinner that is nutrient deprived, you will definitely ruin your fat-loss efforts. If you’re not storing fat while you sleep, you’re burning it—simple.
Eating carbs or high-calorie foods late will not only make you fat, it can ruin your health. As stated before, carbs cause the release of insulin—the hormone that regulates blood sugar and the storage of fat. High insulin is also a driver for cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes, sleep apnea, internal inflammation, and immune dysfunction.
Pumping up your insulin before bed will also cause serious chaos with your other hormones like testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. These altered hormone levels can cause poor sleep, moodiness, night sweats, low libido, sugar cravings, impotence, cold hands and feet . . . and that’s just the start.
Simply, if you have to eat in the evening, choose green and rainbow-colored vegetables with a small piece of protein. This will have little effect on the hormones that store fat while you’re snoozing, keep down inflammation, and keep you healthy.
Lyrics by Creedence Clearwater Revival—Bad Moon Rising  (Here’s a youtube video if you like Creedence.)