Unresolved health issues?

Let me guess. You have countless medical tests, confusing medical opinions, and still no answers.

Typically, traditional doctors answer your symptoms and “treat” your unresolved health issues with a prescription pad. The ONLY way to resolve or improve your chronic health issues is to find and rebuild the dysfunctional internal pathways that lead to your health issues. You need the Functional Physical™

Why I Do What I Do

Because of my journey, I have devoted my life and career to helping others like you….to really understand what’s causing your poor health, and to provide you with research-based actionable solutions. The same commitment I gave myself, I give to you.

Dr. Z is a physician, specialist in functional medicine, and nutritionist on a mission to change the way we go after health and resolve chronic disease.

His own victory over disease and complete rebuild of his health is proof positive of his roadmap to excellent health. He is ready to ignite the persistence and grit of those who are fed up, and determined to reclaim their health and their bodies.

It's Time Someone Helps You Figure it Out!

I have to tell you, I’m a passionate about mechanisms. During my health crisis I dove deep into research to understand how and why I developed disease, and how to rebuild my health and my body.

ALL health issues have multiple causes that are interconnected. My approach is to dig deep to find your dysfunctional physiology and then create a plan to fix those unhealthy systems & pathways. This is how you rebuild your health.

Divi Changes Everything. Give It A Test Drive!

I thank God daily that I found Dr. Z. as he has saved my life! He is the Tom Brady of Functional Medicine and Nutrition!

Scott A

Looking for a roadmap back to excellent health?


The most comprehensive guide available to help you overcome your chronic health issues, rebuild from serious disease, lose toxic fat, and get lean.

REBUILD allows you to create a personal plan unique to your health issues.

I hadn’t felt right in years. My anxiety was at an all-time high; my psoriasis was spreading, and I never had any energy even when I had a good night sleep. On top of always being tired and sluggish, my gut seemed to always be bloated.

But . . . it wasn’t until an insane flare-up of acne and 20lb weight gain—even on a “healthy” diet and exercise program—that I then decided to seek help outside the box. I had been to my family doctor and my OB . . .both telling me I was fine because my blood work was “within range” but I knew something was off.

Dr. Z was recommended to me from a friend who had been struggling with unresolved health issues—he changed her life, and he most definitely has enhanced mine!

After very detailed testing with Dr. Z, I had significant hormone issues and a thyroid weakness. Finally, I had answers and I wasn’t going crazy! He also did some specialized testing to figure out the reasons behind my psoriasis, and my anxiety.

After about a month on his recommended plan, I noticed HUGE changes within myself. I was no longer a sloth, dragging myself out of bed or to work out.  I had drive and purpose! I have energy, I am happy, my libido increased, and I lost 20 lbs . . . and have kept it off.

My acne is gone, my psoriasis is better, my anxiety is almost non-existent, and I am no longer taking anxiety meds!!!!  Which is the best feeling ever! I feel like myself again!

Through Dr. Z I have learned so much about my health, and I am forever grateful to him for helping me get my life back!

I can’t say enough amazing things about his magic!

So much love for Dr. Z💜

Janine Z

The Cancer Victor® Protocol

The Cancer Victor Protocol is a research-based parallel set of steps that was developed to augment and work with your chemotherapy and radiation treatments—and provide you with the understanding, tools, and support to significantly improve your life during and after cancer treatment.

This plan is very personalized based on your unique health crisis and your proposed cancer treatment.

Don’t just survive, be victorious!

I look forward to being a part of your personal rebuild.

Remember, a diagnosis is not your destiny!

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Dr. Z is fired up, ready to ignite the persistence and grit of those who are fed up, pissed off, and determined to reclaim their health and their bodies. 

We look forward to being a part of your personal rebuild

“A diagnosis is not your destiny”

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