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How I Work

If what you’ve heard about the results I produce has interested you, I hope this explanation will shed light on how I can help you resolve your chronic health issues.

Here’s the reality: the medical profession is a volume-based business. It is defined and driven by procedures, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies.

For this reason, you may have experienced the 7‑minute visit followed with a script for a drug or some procedure.

This “standard of care” most likely has given you no real answers about the cause of your chronic health issues, and certainly no solution.

Many practitioners have gotten out of the “numbers” business and started their own concierge practices.

In a concierge business, you most likely have personal access to your doctor because that person is seeing fewer patients, but most are still practicing medicine the same way—replace and repair, pills and procedures.

Unless your doctor is now going through additional training and advanced learning on the true underlying causes of disease, you probably still received the standard of care.

You must realize your health issue is not caused by a deficiency of medications in your body; you have dysfunctional physiology that needs correction.

You also need someone who can take your data from different doctors, “ologists,” and labs, and put those pieces together to create a personalized rebuild plan.

I produce results by focusing on each person as an individual. It is customized care, not “standard of care.”

How do I do this?

The first step of this process is a consult, not just a meet and greet. This is a real deep dive; a thorough diagnostic session to create an understanding of where you are in your personal journey and how complex your health issues are. At the end of the consult, we then determine if what you need and what I offer is a match.

Following the consult, an action plan is created. This process is diagnostically intensive and research-based—specific to you—supported by targeted testing to unveil what’s going on in your body. From this deep dive into your physiology, I explain the results and devise a treatment program and plan—your personal rebuild.

Last, once you begin restoring your health, I stay with you to ensure its implementation is successful—intensely at the beginning, less intensely as time moves on. Over time, we adjust your personal plan accordingly. The process to rebuild your health may take 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or even a year.


It has taken months and years for the internal terrain of your body to malfunction. Once your altered physiology is apparent, you develop symptoms and then you receive a diagnosis.

To reverse this and restore your internal terrain takes time.

My process to rebuild you is labor-intensive and detailed. There are no shortcuts on my end, and there are no short cuts on your end. What I offer is also not off-the-rack service—it is personalized and customized. You also don’t see my staff or some other doctor or nurse—you see me.

For this reason, I accept only a certain number of people to rebuild each year.

Now, if you are looking for a quick fix, magic cure, fad diet, single supplement, or lightning in a bottle, I’m not the doctor for you.

If you are commited to doing whatever it takes to rebuild your health and body, I am the doctor for you.

If my process fits with what you’re willing and able to do, we can create magic together.

The same commitment I gave to myself, I give to you. I look forward to being a part of your personal rebuild.

And remember: a diagnosis is not your destiny.

Dr. Z


My wife and I are fortunate enough to have the ability to go to the very best clinics and specialists in the country to help address our health issues and needs. After spending many months and significant money, we were still left with unresolved health issues impacting the quality of our lives.

As chance had it, I met Dr. Z at a talk he gave in the Florida Keys. His approach and way of communicating the mechanisms and causes behind many chronic health issues made sense.

After deciding to fly up to see him, he worked with us to go through all of the testing and medical data we had accumulated, and then added more specialized targeted testing.

From these results, Dr. Z then worked up a program to help resolve the physical causes behind our issues, and it worked. Many of our long-standing health issues and symptoms were addressed and resolved.

And now, over the last few years on his watch, we are enjoying our health and an amazing quality of life.

Pack St. Clair

Founder, Cobalt Boats

Commitment of Time

Since the majority of health issues develop over time, it takes time to correct dysfunctional pathways in order to reverse a chronic health issue or disease process.

It also takes more than a one-off treatment to manipulate the causes of health issues. Please realize, you can’t resolve chronic health problems with a single interaction.

This said, restoring your health and your body requires a comittment of time.



Can I Afford Rebuilding with Dr. Z?

Please be aware, I do not rebuild with a menu of “a la carte” services. The investment needed to restore your health is dependent on the complexity of your unique situation and the time required to rebuild your health.

The people I work with consider my unique and research-based approach to be an investment instead of a quick fix or a handful of visits. They approach the research-based and customized care with the intention of gaining renewed health and energy to enjoy all that life has to offer.

If what you need and what I offer is a match, you can enjoy the same!

If what you need and what I offer is a match, together we will rebuild you back to excellent health.

When you’re ready to commit and do what it takes to restore your health, please fill out this questionaire. 

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Get into the Z-Zone

Dr. Z is fired up, ready to ignite the persistence and grit of those who are fed up, pissed off, and determined to reclaim their health and their bodies. 

We look forward to being a part of your personal rebuild

“A diagnosis is not your destiny”

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