REBUILD reads like a manifesto of the remarkable.”

Jeffrey Bland, PhD, FACN, FACB, Founder of Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute, Father of Functional Medicine, and author of The Disease Delusion.

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“Rebuild”, I love it! The tools in Rebuild will help you not only to overcome chronic health issues and disease. The same rebuilding actions Dr. Z prescribes will help prevent you from ever having the need to rebuild. If you want to be successful in your mind and body, Rebuild is the book to help you do that.”

Jack Canfield

Best-selling co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul® series & author of the NYT Best-selling book The Success Principles.

A must-read for anyone looking to resolve their chronic health issues, rebuild from disease, prevent recurrence, lose toxic fat and get lean, or raise the bar on their health—for good.

“Whether or not you are dealing with a health crisis, REBUILD is an invaluable resource to anyone navigating his or her own health journey.”

Joan Lunden

Award-winning journalist, best-selling author, former host of Good Morning America, author of Had I Known

You Received a Diagnosis

Now What?

Okay, you’ve been diagnosed with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease, obesity, or some other unresolved chronic health condition.

You’ve been through a slew of tests and diagnostic procedures—poked, prodded, stitched up, and drugged.

Let’s not forget the long office visits in cold exam rooms trying to piece together everything you’ve been told while you ask yourself, “Is this for real? Is this really happening?”

You may have been running into dead ends in a maze of providers as you searched for effective and affordable answers to your questions. You may be asking yourself, “Now what?”

While you attempt to recover, you may feel you are left to fend for yourself to coordinate your own care, but you don’t have the time, energy, or comfort to do that.

Like many, you are tired of seeing specialists and ‘ologists’, hoping to find a plan to rebuild and recover from your health issues . . . and also to prevent those health issues from returning.

Until now.

With REBUILD, you (or your loved one!) will be fully equipped with a customized plan that fits your lifestyle—a makeover that enables you to make a comeback based on real science for real results.

Using this step-by-step guide, you can recover, heal, be happier, and actually raise the bar for your health.

Dr. Zembroski on why he wrote “Rebuild”

I Developed a Protocol

That operation saved my life. However, the cumulative effect of nearly two years of chemo, radiation, and major surgery left me with new challenges.

Yes, I was cancer-free, but I was also exhausted, and weak. I asked myself, “Now what? How can I rebuild myself?

How can I reverse the damage caused by the toxic effects of the treatments? How can I move beyond crisis care to fitness and health?”

My goal was to prevent recurrence and create the ultimate healthy body—one that was disease-free, low-fat, and lean.

Reading through research on nutrition, nutritional biochemistry, genetics, cancer, endocrinology (the study of hormones), chronic disease, and exercise physiology, I developed a protocol—a personal plan that saved my life and allowed me to rebuild myself to a level of health that exceeded how I had felt before.


“The first thought I had when my eyes opened from surgery was . . . it’s time to rebuild.”

The specialists in crisis care—the “ologists”—had each done their piece, but they had nothing to offer me in my quest to rebuild myself, or to help me prevent a serious health issue from returning.

So, I submerged myself into the research, and from that, I finally mapped out a path—a personal plan that not only saved my life, it allowed me to rebuild myself to a level of health that exceeded how I was before.

I, perhaps like you, was fearful, confused, and frustrated about my health crisis. While studying the latest research on the mechanisms of disease, I realized it must be difficult for people without the necessary time, knowledge or background to find and interpret useful and real information, and use it to create a personalized protocol to rebuild themselves back to excellent health and prevent recurrence of their chronic health issues.

Understanding others difficulty and confusion, my personal experience, coupled with what I see my patients experience when trying to navigate the standard healthcare system—confusion, poor results or no results—allowed me to put this information together.

I put it together in a digestible, step-by-step format that would allow you to create your own personalized protocol in order to rebuild your body after a health crisis or other unresolved health issue and prevent recurrence; lose toxic fat, and get lean.

To respond to your needs, I wrote . . . REBUILD.

“REBUILD reads like a manifesto of the remarkable. It demonstrates that miraculous things can happen when a person commits to the right program, designed to return to the best of health and vitality.”

Dr. Jeff Bland PhD, FACN, FACB

President of The Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute, Father of Functional Medicine, & author of The Disease Delusion.

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“Whether you’re suffering from a disease or just want to maintain your optimal health, REBUILD offers a comprehensive, easy to follow program that makes good health attainable. A tricycle needs three wheels to achieve momentum. Dr. Z has put together a powerful three-tier system that includes nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. Together, they can help you recover and reclaim your good health.”

Dr. David Friedman

TV & Radio Health Expert and #1 best-selling author of Food Sanity, How to Eat in a World of Fads & Fiction.

Andrew C. MD

Reflux & Chronic Cough

As soon as I started the Rebuild program, a lot of my symptoms began disappearing. I was able to eliminate the medications I had been on. If you have chronic health issues, I would highly recommend the Rebuild program and the advice of Dr. Rob. It changed my life.

With REBUILD, you—or your loved one—will be fully equipped with a customized plan that fits your lifestyle—a makeover that enables you to make a comeback based on real science for real results. Using this step-by-step guide, you can recover, heal, be happier, and actually raise the bar for your health.

“REBUILD is an excellent book that provides a superior plan that takes you, at any point in your health journey, to one that optimizes your well-being.”

Lori Shemek PhD, CNC

Nutrition and weight loss expert, and best-selling author of Fire Up Your Fat Burn and How to Fight Fatflammation

What you get



Understand The Anatomy of Disease

Are diseases genetically predetermined or self-induced? Learn how major diseases and other chronic health issues develop, not as a consequence of broken genes, but by dysfunction in the internal terrain of the body. REBUILD presents the current research on how the major diseases develop, as well as what we need to know to quickly recover from them and prevent recurrence.


Medical Tests to Evaluate your Condition

To help you quickly recover and prevent future health issues, this section provides the right tests for your specific condition. It also outlines what testing can help you prevent disease and maintain your health overall. REBUILD is the only guide that outlines the right medical tests that can uncover why you developed your health issues, and what tests can monitor the changes in your physiology, so you can track the changes in your personal rebuild.


Personalized Nutrient Recommendations

Research-based nutraceuticals (supplements) have been shown to assist the body to repair itself in a disease process; to speed recovery after medical procedures; to make pharmaceutical-based therapies more effective; and to prevent chronic health issues. REBUILD provides recommendations of specific nutrients to help you recover and rebuild from your chronic health issues.

What you get



A Customizable Food Plan

Discover how certain nutrients can quickly help you rebuild from your disease, or chronic health issue, prevent recurrence, and give you sustained energy all day long. You will learn also what type of foods control certain hormones that can cause the production of fat, the elimination of fat, and the reversal of disease. REBUILD lays out the steps for you to create a food plan specific and unique to your needs and/or specific health condition.


Exercise Techniques Proven to Rebuild

A specific type of exercise has been shown to reverse and prevent disease, regulate hormones, reduce inflammation, and quickly eliminate dangerous body fat. REBUILD explains how to add this type of exercise to your busy schedule to quickly help you heal and manage the levels of fat and lean muscle in the body.


Reset your Internal Clock

Sleep is so important for health, as it helps us heal and recharges our batteries. A lack of sleep disrupts many internal functions of the body, which ultimately sets the stage for disease by increasing inflammation, preventing repair of cells, increasing hormone abnormalities, and suppressing the immune system. REBUILD provides tips and tools for you to get a good night’s sleep and what to investigate if you are having a hard time getting enough sleep.

What you get



Dial Down the Stress Response

Stressors and the stress reaction have been shown to ignite and fuel diseases, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease, and even obesity. REBUILD presents the current research on the link between stress and disease, and it lays out simple strategies to keep those stressors in check so you quickly recover and prevent future health issues.


Reduce Contamination

Everyday toxins can be a serious hazard. From the foods we eat and the water we drink to a wide range of environmental chemicals, we are contaminated every day with unregulated substances with known and unknown toxicity. At high enough levels, toxins are poisonous to our cells, tissues, and organs—and can become a primary cause of disease. REBUILD presents the latest research on the most common toxins found in our foods, water, and environment, as well as how specific toxins can create chronic disease and, yes, even obesity.

What you get


You will also Discover . . .

  • Tools to better understand your thyroid issue; how to properly assess the thyroid; and whether or not the thyroid hormones are functioning properly in the body
  • Which nutrients control inflammation
  • How cholesterol-lowering drugs really work, besides lowering cholesterol
  • Which food source can be fatal when combined with certain prescription drugs
  • The 7 major causes of autoimmune disease
  • Which protein sources to eat, and which to avoid, in order to prevent major health issues
  • How to properly read a food label, so you can identify harmful food-like substances before you buy
  • 3 Foods you eat everyday that may be linked to your chronic health issues
  • The cause of Alzheimer’s disease—it’s not what you think
  • How to improve the function of chemotherapy and reduce its side effects
  • How to detoxify yourself without the need for extreme dieting (juicing)
  • The hormones linked to breast cancer
  • A specific vitamin at the right level in the blood that can prevent breast and colon cancer
  • Depression is linked to systemic inflammation
  • The foods that cause leaky gut, and how leaky gut is linked to the most serious diseases
  • How alcohol affects the body and drains you of a vital nutrient needed for 300 metabolic processes in the body
  • Which over-the-counter medication can cause liver damage after a night of drinking
  • The cause of reflux, and how the use of proton pump inhibitors may be making your reflux worse
  • Research-based tools to prevent recurrence of your health issue
  • How to slow down age-related decay
  • Many health-enhancing tips and tools

If you are looking to get rid of toxic body fat, you will find:

  • A simple equation you can use to calculate your body fat
  • Easy-to-follow steps to calculate your specific calorie needs
  • Samples of food plans you can use right away
  • 3 proven steps you can take for a healthy body composition—one that is low-fat and lean
  • 3 hormones that control your body composition
  • Steps to take to burn fat while you sleep—no joke

Along with identifying the foods that have contributed to your health issues, I have provided a list of replacements, so you don’t have to spend countless hours searching for healthful alternatives.

REBUILD gives you all the tools—including the motivation—you need to create a diet that is personalized for you, so you can maintain your way of eating for a lifetime. Don’t like going to a gym to get exercise?

No problem.

REBUILD includes 10 exercises you can do in the comfort of your home to help you quickly recover. The exercises are described in detail with additional tips so you know exactly what to do. Want to join a gym, or already belong? Not sure what exercises to do or how to do them?

REBUILD describes in detail dozens of exercises that use equipment available in gyms. REBUILD is filled with short stories of my patients who rebuilt themselves using the practical tips.

Read how others have resolved their health issues with simple changes. You can, too. You have complete control.

Shirley G.

Breast Cancer

My oncologist was surprised at how well I’m skating through my cancer care. I don’t even feel ill! Dr. Z’s book gives you a sense of control.

Dr. Zembroski provides a unique motivational and evidence-based guide for a healthy and active life.  By drawing on the latest research, as well as his own journey to rebuild himself after disease, and over twenty years of working with his patients, Dr. Z provides a clear guide on how to design your own program that meets your specific situation and needs. No fads or extremes, just sound advice rooted in solid scientific research and real experience. If you are looking for a breakthrough that can work in the real world—your real world—this is a must-read.”

Miriam E. Nelson, PhD

Nutrition scientist and international best-selling author of the “StrongWomen” book series

Dave B.

Coronary Artery Disease

Had I read Rebuild before I had my heart events, I might not have had to rebuild from them . . . I might have been able to prevent them.

If something about your health has been plaguing you; something gnawing at you, and you don’t have answers, this unbiased guide is for you.

Andrew C.

Fat loss, improved energy & strength

I was the world’s fattest vegan

“Whether you are recovering from heart disease, cancer or just trying not to become a statistic, REBUILD makes the mechanics of disease recovery both possible and palatable. As upbeat and approachable as the doctor himself, it draws from the author’s own battle with cancer, as well as case studies of success with his patients. Dr. Zembroski offers a truly comprehensive healing plan that is local-farm friendly and carefully supports the reader—from doing the body-composition math, to meal-plan prep and workouts. Bravo!

Belisa Vranich PsyD

Clinical Psychologist and author of Breathe

“I promise you this book is the most important and comprehensive health guide you will ever read.”

Rebuild is the only book you need that take’s you from a diagnosis back to excellent health.

Dont’ just beat the odds, come back healthier than you were before.”

Dr. Z

Why you need this book

Medical Errors are the 3rd Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.

New research out of the Journal of Patient Safety estimates up to 440,000 Americans are dying annually from preventable hospital errors, trailing heart disease and cancer. The top 3 errors documented were:

  • #1) Life-shortening errors from failure to follow medical guidelines
  • #2) Procedures done wrong that weren’t documented
  • #3) Failure to make the right diagnosis


Hospital Error Fatalities

This puts medical errors as the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States, underscoring the need for patients to get informed to protect themselves and their families from potential harm. The need to be informed has never been more timely, important, and urgent.

Become your own doctor

. . or at least a powerful advocate

REBUILD provides the information you need to create a high-level conversation with your doctor(s) so you receive the best care possible.

You can use this information to provide your doctor(s) with the tools needed to help figure out what went wrong with your health, as well as the right direction to take to rebuild you back to excellent health and, of course, to prevent a health disaster in the future.

REBUILD  gives you complete control over your health.

Rebuild provides, not only the tools to get you well, it allows you to be fully armed with the information you need to work with your doctors so you get the appropriate care and advice.

Tom M.

Diabetes & High Blood Pressure

“I visited my internist for my annual check up. He told me to start blood-pressure and diabetes medications.

I was angry because I had become diabetic, and because the internist offered no solutions other than pharmaceuticals. I don’t like taking drugs, and I knew there had to be a better way.

I needed to get to the cause of my problems, and I remembered hearing Dr. Z on the on the radio.

After seven months on his rebuild program, I have lost 30 pounds; significantly reduced my body fat, and my cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and blood sugar are in the normal ranges.

I also no longer need my C-pap machine for sleep apnea. I feel like I’m twenty years old again. I continue to follow Dr. Z’s rebuild regimen of supplements, exercise, and eating the foods that are good for me. I have made a difference in my life, which has affected people around me.

I feel like a poster boy for Dr. Z. I am always asked, “Tom, how did you lose all that weight? You look great!” My answer is simple:  “It’s a lifestyle change.” I have referred over ten people to Dr. Z, and I continue to spread the word about how to live a longer life, with a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Z, thanks for saving my life!”

Raquel D

PMS & Irritable Bowel Syndrome

You will get incredible results following Dr. Z’s Rebuild program.

The final destination of your personal rebuild is the section containing 85 nutrient-dense recipes. Each recipe has a brief description of its health benefits, and details on the flavors the food provides.

Sneak peek

on the recipes

Summer Fruit Salad

Seafood Lettuce Tacos

Bread-less Stuffing

Pizza Frittata

Chia Seed Pudding

Mushroom Salad

Tai Curry Chicken

Devilicous Eggs

Almond Butter Cookies

Rebuild is a must-read for anyone looking to restore their body’s wellness after disease, reverse chronic health issues, prevent recurrence, achieve total body transformation, or raise the bar on their health—for good.

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personal victory!

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Help me inspire others with your personal story overcoming an unresolved chronic health issue or disease by using the “supportocols” outlined in Rebuild.

Share your personal victory here.

Dear Friend,

I’ve been through hell with my health. I know what it’s like to feel scared, frustrated, angry, and confused—to not know where to turn in search for answers.

I know what it’s like to feel sick, over-medicated, over-fat, and tired; wishing I had better managed my health—and my crazy stress—before I received the diagnosis of a life-threatening disease.

I’m extremely disheartened with the ridiculous health care—or lack of it—that people receive when trying to get their health issues resolved.

I am also frustrated by the way people are treated, misdiagnosed, and not given the real information about their health and the conditions they have.

It’s a crime that most physicians won’t spend the time to dig deep to really find out what’s ailing you and what created your health problems, whether it’s a major disease or some unresolved chronic health issue.

The standards of care are often dangerous because they are not specific enough.

Listen to Dave’s story about how the current medical tests he had were not specific to his health crisis. The “standard of care” often misses the real issue.

How frustrating is it to have no answers or solutions, but then to be bounced around from doctor to doctor? Each one tells you something different and arbitrarily does blood tests that end up telling you nothing about why you have the condition or why you feel the way you feel.

I understand that not everyone has the access or perhaps the means to experience functional medicine delivered in a clinical setting.

Writing Rebuild was the next best thing.

My goal is to provide the research about your condition, give you answers, and create tools for you to restore your health from a disease or some other chronic health issue.

I want to put the information and power into your hands, rather than have you rely on the broken “bandage and manage” disease-care system.

Rebuild is a guide—your personal road map to recover from a serious health issue, get you through your current treatment, or resolve your chronic health issues so they don’t become something more serious.

This book will bring back your sanity and your health.

Don’t just survive—come back better than before.

Dr. Z

Robert Zembroski, DC, DACNB, MS
Founder and Director, Darien Center for Functional Medicine
Founder of the Cancer Victor® Protocol

P.S. If you know a friend, family member, or colleague who has been struggling with unresolved health problems and is looking for answers, please let them know about Rebuild.

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“A diagnosis is not your destiny”

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