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Darien Center for Functional Medicine

Where you receive a personalized approach that addresses the underlying cause of your chronic health issues.

Welcome to the Darien Center for Functional Medicine, where you receive a personalized approach that addresses the underlying cause of your disease or chronic health issue.

This innovative practice comes from the vision and hard work of expert and specialist Dr. Robert Zembroski, a physician, specialist in functional medicine, chiropractic neurologist, and clinical nutritionist, whose commitment is to provide answers in a confusing world of medical opinions and poor results.

Typically, people are diagnosed by their symptoms, only to be treated for the same, without the truly personalized attention our modern lives require.

At the DCFM, complete modern testing locates the foundations of your health issues creating a clear, understandable conversation.

We don’t treat symptoms with drugs or surgery; we locate and correct dysfunctions to achieve maximum health, and we do it in a way that includes you, ending the fear and overwhelm so many of our patients experience elsewhere.

We utilize a functional approach to healing by utilizing the best in diagnostic evaluation and evidence-based non-drug therapies to address all aspects of your health while working in conjunction with conventional medicine.

We look forward to being a part of your personal rebuild.

My wife and I flew up to see Dr. Z to help us with unresolved health issues impacting the quality of our lives. He dissected all of the testing and medical data we had accumulated, and then added more specialized targeted testing.

From these results, Dr. Z then worked up a program to help resolve the physical causes behind our issues, and it worked. Many of our long-standing health issues and symptoms were addressed and resolved.

And now, over the last few years on his watch, we are enjoying our health and an amazing quality of life.

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We’re committed to creating results. Period.

While most healthcare professionals are focusing on the antiquated and failed method of diagnosing and treating illness, a new trend in healthcare is changing the way your health is managed.

Functional Medicine is a personalized approach that addresses the underlying cause of disease by looking at the alignment of the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms, or isolated body part.

As a functional-medicine practitioner, Dr. Zembroski spends time with patients, listening to their histories, reviewing objective tests, and looking at the alignment of genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors that all influence health and chronic disease.

With the right tools you can rebuild your health and your body.

What are people saying?

"Dr. Z changed my life. He is able to take complex medical information and communicate it in a way that is easy to digest and informative. After my first appointment with him, I had a clear path, felt completely understood and supported, and excited to begin my journey back to good health under his guidance."

Nancy W, Software Developer

"If you are considering working with Dr. Z, it will be the best thing you do for yourself to create the health you desire."

Lori B, Real Estate Appraiser

"Doctor Z is in the business of saving lives. His message of No-hype nutrition and total mind and body balance will have a ripple effect for generations to come."

Orland O, Business Devlopment and Consulting

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Functional Nutrition

Gene Testing for Metabolism and Detoxification

Ask us about our Telehealth Visits

“For those of you who live at a distance, where traveling to see me is not convenient, I offer a long-distance consultation which allows you to discuss your health condition with me.

Due to the vast information and research available, I am able to draw from an extensive database, which will help me get to the reason behind your ill health.

Once I have reviewed all of your history and health information, I will then discuss the findings with you by phone.

At this time we form a partnership, one where we will work together to restore your health in the shortest time possible.”

—Dr. Z

Dr. Z has an incredible ability to make you forget you are on the phone. My first appointment was a game changer!

Even though we are states apart, from that day forward he became my primary doctor, and continues to keep me and my family healthy and strong.

Anna P

Your Team

We look forward to being a part of your personal rebuild.

Dr. Rob Zembroski

Dr. Rob Zembroski




Patient Coordinator

Holly Bliss

Holly Bliss

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Dawn Bryson

Dawn Bryson

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Dr. Z is fired up, ready to ignite the persistence and grit of those who are fed up, pissed off, and determined to reclaim their health and their bodies. 

We look forward to being a part of your personal rebuild

“A diagnosis is not your destiny”

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