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Dr. Robert Zembroski is a physician, specialist in functional medicine, board-certified chiropractic neurologist, and clinical nutritionist with 24 years of experience in rebuilding people from chronic health issues and disease back to excellent health. Dr. Z is committed to providing you answers in a confusing world of medical opinions and poor results. Currently, he is the director of The Darien Center for Functional Medicine, in Darien, Connecticut.

I’m passionate about rebuilding others, and helping people overcome their chronic health issues or diseases.

Because of my personal experience overcoming disease, my new path has taken me and my practice deep into the methods of functional medicine: understanding root mechanisms of disease, nutrition, biochemistry, neurology, exercise physiology, and properly interpreting blood work.

Navigating my own health journey, coupled with the struggles, frustration, and confusion my patients have experienced in the typical healthcare system, has inspired me to create for my patients unique personalized protocols focused on results.

What I did for myself is now available to you.

Dr. Z

I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Zembroski for the past eight years, and I have found him to be an inspiration. He is a person who “walks the talk.” Through his expertise and advocacy, he has helped his patients achieve amazing results with improving their health.

Dr. Jeff Bland PhD, FACN, FACB

President of The Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute, Father of Functional Medicine, & author of

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Dr. Robert Zembroski is one of those health care providers that possesses a true conviction about his work. A conviction and dedication derived from his own personal health crisis experience. His first-hand journey through the pitfalls of our health care system, and his commitment to doing whatever it took to recover, is the kind of thing that forges a more compassionate and patient-centered provider.

Dr. David Brady ND, DC, CCN, DACBN

Author of

Darien Functional Medicine

A unique approach that addresses the underlying cause of your health issues.

Rebuild yourself from disease

Dr. Z rebuilt his health after disease. What he did for himself is now available to you.

Going through Cancer Care? Experience the Cancer Victor® Protocol

“Years back, a diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma led to 7 months of chemo, radiation, then surgery to remove a 5-inch tumor.

Through research-based nutrition, targeted supplementation, a specific exercise program, I am not only cancer-free, I have rebuilt myself back to excellent health. That experience inspired me to create the Cancer Victor Protocol ® —a research-based parallel set of steps that augments the function of chemotherapy and radiation treatments to not only improve the function of the chemotherapy, but to radically reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapy.

The protocol also will make you stronger and more resilient, leading to better results and a more rapid recovery.

After all, it’s not about survival, it’s about victory and thriving. What I did for myself is now available to you.”

Dr. Z

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