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Crisis-Care Medicine

Our current healthcare system is really crisis care, not health restoration or the prevention and reversal of chronic disease.

The conventional medical model practiced by most doctors is an acute disease-centered approach; a diagnosis is made, and the treatment is pharmaceutical and/or surgical intervention.

While a symptom-oriented or medical approach is effective for trauma (urgent and acute illness of short duration), it lacks the proper methodology and tools for treating and preventing chronic disease.

When treating chronic and complex health issues, the gap between the basic sciences and current research is enormous.

Unfortunately, this disconnect between current healthcare practices and research creates doctors who are ill-equipped to treat and resolve chronic disease, which requires more that just symptom care.

Current medical practices don’t take into account the unique genetic makeup of each person, nor do they have the knowledge or strategies to modify controllable factors, including diet and nutrition, physical activity, exposure to environmental toxins, stressors, and other aspects of lifestyle that can prevent and reverse chronic disease.

Are You Misaligned?

The evidence is clear that chronic disease arises out of the dysregulation or perturbation of a person’s internal environment and unique genetic network.

Your internal environment, or landscape, is created most effectively by the nutrients derived from your diet; the metabolic affects of your physical activity; the hormonal reactions created by your stressors; your ability to repair with healthful sleep patterns; and the burden of environmental toxins to which you are exposed.

When any one, or all, of these factors becomes misaligned with your unique genetic blueprint, you develop disease, whether it be coronary-artery disease, diabetes, or cancer.

Most often, we are led to believe that our genes are our fate, that we may be genetically prone to developing chronic disease like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

However, the new science of epigenetics shows us we can change the way our genes are expressed through the proper alignment of diet, physical activity, sleep, and toxic load.

A strong therapeutic partnership and the proper system-based care is the treatment needed to address a misalignment between your genes and the controllable components of diet, exercise, stress, and toxins.

Functional medicine is designed to meet this challenge, to address the dysfunctions that are the foundation for the development of chronic disease.


Functional Medicine—the Right Approach

While most healthcare professionals are focusing on the antiquated and failed method of diagnosing and treating illness, a new trend in healthcare is changing the way your health is managed.

Functional Medicine is a personalized approach that addresses the underlying cause of disease by looking at the alignment of the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms.

As a functional-medicine practitioner, Dr. Zembroski spends time with patients, listening to their histories, reviewing objective tests, and looking at the alignment of genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors that all influence health and chronic disease.

The process begins by listening to the patient to learn his/her story, bringing that person into the discovery process, which is vital in uncovering the origins of health issues.

Like rewinding a movie, Dr. Z looks back at the interaction of a patient’s history, along with reviewing his or her physiology and current objective findings, as well as the lifestyle that has led to the disease.

By integrating conventional medicine with what is sometimes referred to as ‘alternative’ or ‘integrative’ medicine, Dr. Z focuses on realigning a patient’s diet and exercise patterns with their genetic blueprint.

This realignment also includes use of the latest and most up-to-date laboratory testing and other diagnostic techniques, along with the use of prescribed supplements, herbal and botanical support, as well as drugs when necessary.

In addition to prescribed interventions, stress-management techniques are recommended, and detoxification programs are implemented.

These customized interventions serve to realign functionality and restore your health. A functional approach produces an effective model to resolving your chronic health issues.

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