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Go Beyond Survival—Be Victorious!

Why listen to me?

Well, simply, I’ve been through it. I’ve been stitched up, drugged up, and poked at. Perhaps like you, I’ve also dealt with the emotional anguish of receiving a cancer diagnosis and the emotional drain thinking about what the future may hold.

After being told I had a 5-inch tumor in my chest, I went through months of chemo and radiation, and then had a surgeon crack open my chest to remove the mass. During toxic cancer treatment, I dove into the research to not only understand how and why I developed cancer, I wanted to know how to rebuild myself.

From this research, I created a plan, a protocol that not only allowed me to sail throughout the later half of my cancer treatment, it helped me rebuild myself back to excellent health. If this plan worked for me, it would work for others. It has done just that! 

Because of my journey, I have devoted my life and career to helping others really understand what’s causing their poor health, and to provide them with research-based actionable solutions.

The Cancer Victor® Blog is devoted to you and anyone else searching for real information and answers to rebuild from and thrive during and after a cancer diagnosis.

Here’s to Victory!

Dr. Z