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After I was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma, my mother and I knew that simply showing up for chemotherapy sessions would not be enough.

Luckily for us, my mother’s close friend had heard of Dr. Zembroski, and she let us borrow his book. We went to see him the following week.

Dr. Z explained exactly what would happen, how treatment would go/ feel, and what I needed to do between infusions to boost my immune system and entire body.

Through the use of nutritious food, clinically studied supplements, and exercise, I was able to cut down my treatment time from 12 treatments to 5!

Clean scans ever since and living life to the fullest, thanks to the wisdom and guidance of Dr. Z and functional medicine!

Luis D.

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“My cancer journey forced me into research to find the reasons behind my disease. I needed to know if it was due to an isolated event or a combination of events. I also wanted to know what about the internal state of my body had allowed the cancer to develop into a life-threatening condition.

Was it the extreme stress I was experiencing? A consequence of a nutrient-absent and inflammatory diet? What role did my poor sleep patterns play?

I looked into research to understand the mechanisms behind the development and progression of my disease.

All through my ordeal—the chemo hell, radiation, surgery, and the list of miserable side effects—I never lost sight of victory. I was staring at the finish line, but had to scale the hurdles in between and keep myself motivated to see it through to the end.

The specialists in crisis care—the “ologists”—had each done their piece, but they had nothing to offer in my quest to rebuild myself, or to help me prevent a serious health issue from returning.

The research also enabled me to find ways to minimize and reverse the side effects of the chemotherapy, radiation, and major surgery that had left me weak and debilitated.

Using that research, I finally mapped out a path—a personal plan that not only saved my life; it allowed me to rebuild myself to a level of health that exceeded how I was before.

The research-based protocol that got me through my cancer care and allowed me to rebuild myself to excellent health is now available to you.”

Dr. Z

Getting told you have cancer and all the thoughts and decisions that you have to process is stressful to say the least.

Like most, you probably got on the phone with family, friends and doctors you may know to help figure out what it all means and what course of action you should take. You immediately know to change your diet with confusion over what foods to avoid, and which ones will help you heal.

You may be wondering if you should take supplements during your cancer care although the “standards of care” recommend avoiding them. Perhaps you are concerned over the side-effects of the chemotherapy and the potential physical damage they can cause.

Going through cancer care is frightening and confusing, as you don’t know what to expect. This is understandable. However, I can guide you through the process from the initial diagnosis, through whatever treatment course you choose, and then finally help you rebuild yourself back to health.

Shirley G. breast cancer

The Cancer Victor® protocol is designed for your specific circumstances and needs. It includes:

  • A full understanding of what to expect during your treatment—what the chemo drugs do and what side effects you can expect. Knowing what is coming will allow you to prepare and take appropriate actions to alleviate undesired side effects.
  • A specific food plan to improve your health during chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. It will include which foods to avoid and why, as well as which foods will provide the greatest benefit and protection during treatment. Nutrient-dense foods reduce toxicity and damage by chemo, and they can actually enhance the function of the chemotherapy.
  • Nutraceuticals (nutritional supplements). Supplementing during your care is extremely important. Supplements should be taken as specific times so they don’t interfere with the chemo.
  • A discussion regarding the environment toxins that must be removed from your diet and environment, and why.
  • A specific exercise plan, which will help to reduce muscle wasting and fatigue caused by chemo. I will explain what type of exercise will be the most effective to help your immune system fight the cancer, and to reduce fatigue from the anemia caused by cancer drugs.
  • A weekly review of lab reports to monitor your white blood cell and red blood cell counts. Your protocol may be modified in response to a drop in the white blood cell count. Each person responds differently to treatment, so recommendations are adjusted accordingly.
  • Open conversation with the other providers on your team to ensure the best outcome, while improving your quality of life during the process. Once your cancer care has finished, rebuilding the internal terrain of the body is crucial to restoring you back to excellent health.

Luis D’s Stable Blood Counts during Chemo

Luis D. Stage 4 lymphoma

Shirley G’s Stable Blood Counts during Chemo

Shirley G. Breast Cancer

Brandon H’s Stable Blood Counts during Chemo

Brandon H. lymphoma

Dr. Z reached out to me shortly after my breast cancer diagnosis with an impressively focused proposition to help me power through my cancer treatment. He taught me how to modify my diet – eliminating bread, dairy and sugar – and recommended highly effective yet realistic workout routines.

Week after week my oncologists were impressed with my ability to maintain my “numbers,” indicating that the foods and supplements on Dr. Z’s plan helped to sustain my blood counts. Not only have I remained strong and fit, I have substantially decreased my body fat and weight.

Whether or not you are dealing with a health crisis, Rebuild is an invaluable resource to anyone navigating his or her own health journey.

Dr. Z was the guiding light through my cancer care.

Joan Lunden

Former-host of Good Morning America

Beyond guiding my nutrition through six-months of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL), Dr. Z explained and educated me in the science behind why I was eating the foods and taking the supplements that he advised.

Dr. Z offers a rare combination of personal experience, being an NHL survivor, the science background  to understand the disease and treatments and the nutritional science to support the body’s healing process.

As difficult as it can be both mentally and physically to go through chemotherapy treatments, I was able to maintain healthy blood counts and energy levels and stay positive throughout the process.

On Dr. Z’s watch I was able to treat and rebuild myself back to my pre-cancer form in just three months and feel better than ever.

Brandon H

President, Flying Point Digital

With the use of curative adjuvant chemotherapy regimens, I have noticed that bone marrow suppression, fatigue, and neuropathy now are not only dose limiting, but can result in prolonged toxicities that plague the patient for years into their cancer survivorship. Recently, I have had the experience of caring for a patient 62 years of age that was pursing Dr. Z’s REBUILD regimen of diet, nutraceuticals, and exercise concurrent with her chemotherapy for triple negative breast cancer.

I was impressed with her ability to complete almost all of the prescribed chemotherapy administered weekly over a 12-week period with NO neuropathy and little if any fatigue, and this patient was able to tolerate therapy with ease.

I have become convinced that appropriate attention and adherence to a nutrient-dense diet, minimization of carbohydrates and dairy, and skillful supplementation with appropriate nutraceuticals, are key to maximizing the patient’s ability to complete curative therapy and rebound quickly from curative chemotherapies.

Dr. Tracey Weisberg

Oncologist, The Northern New England Clinical Oncology Society

Dr. Z’s advice helped me through the overwhelming experience of dealing with the ‘big C’.  His guidance and the research-based tools he provided helped me support myself through cancer treatment and allowed me a quicker than expected recovery during the “Rebuild” phase.

I am eternally grateful for his help, support and knowledge. His work is essential to anyone those who faces this difficult diagnosis.

Dr. Keri Chiappino

Chiropractic Neurologist

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