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You have non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Behind my sternum sat a 5-inch tumor. All through my cancer ordeal—the chemo hell, radiation, surgery, and the miserable side-effects—I never lost sight of victory. My victory over cancer was achieved by using medical treatment combined with my own critical thinking. If I had not taken a stand with my doctors to advocate for my own health, I would have followed the “standards of care” for my diagnosis, and likely would not have lived to tell my story.

However, the cumulative effect of 7 months of chemo, 4 weeks of radiation and major surgery left me with new challenges. Yes, I was cancer-free, but I was also exhausted, and fatigued. I asked myself, “Now what? How can I rebuild myself? How can I reverse the damage caused by the toxic effects of the treatments? How can I move beyond crisis care to fitness and health?”

What I did for myself, is now available to you

The specialists in crisis care—the “ologists”—had each done his piece, but they had nothing to offer me in my quest to rebuild myself, or to help me prevent a serious health issue from returning. So, I submerged myself into the research to find ways to reverse the side effects of the chemotherapy, radiation, and major surgery that had left me weak and beat up.

From this research, I finally mapped out a path—a personal plan that not only saved my life, it allowed me to rebuild myself to a level of health that exceeded how I was before. 

In fact, I wrote a book—due for publication June 12th, 2018—providing you a step-by-step plan that will take you from a diagnosis back to excellent health. It is loaded with dozens of stories of individuals just like you, who, through using the simple guidelines, reversed their chronic health issues, and got rid of their body fat. You can, too.

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Using The Rebuild program you can recover from illness and get lean:

“Dr. Z reached out to me shortly after my breast cancer diagnosis with an impressively focused proposition to help me power through my cancer treatment.

He taught me how to modify my diet – eliminating bread, dairy and sugar – and recommended highly effective yet realistic workout routines. Week after week my oncologists were impressed with my ability to maintain my “numbers,” indicating that the foods and supplements on Dr. Z’s plan helped to sustain my blood counts.

Not only have I remained strong and fit, I have substantially decreased my body fat and weight. Whether or not you are dealing with a health crisis, Rebuild is an invaluable resource to anyone navigating his or her own health journey.”

Joan Lunden

Beyond guiding my nutrition through six-months of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL), Dr. Z explained and educated me in the science behind why I was eating the foods and taking the supplements that he advised. 

Dr. Z offers a rare combination of personal experience, being an NHL survivor, the science background  to understand the disease and treatments and the nutritional science to support the body’s healing process.  

As difficult as it can be both mentally and physically to go through chemotherapy treatments, I was able to maintain healthy blood counts and energy levels and stay positive throughout the process. 

On Dr. Z’s watch I was able to treat and rebuild myself back to my pre-cancer form in just three months and feel better than ever.

Brandon H

Dr. Z’s advice helped me through the overwhelming experience of dealing with the ‘big C’.  

His guidance and the research-based tools he provided helped me support myself through cancer treatment and allowed me a quicker than expected recovery during the “Rebuild” phase.  

I am eternally grateful for his help, support and knowledge. His work is essential to anyone those who faces this difficult diagnosis.

Dr. Keri Chiappino

Lost 45 Lbs. No More Sleep Apnea

“I have lost 45 pounds of fat; my cholesterol levels and blood pressure are back to normal. I no longer have sleep apnea, and I feel 20 years old again. Thanks Dr. Z for saving my life!”


tom rebuild before


tom rebuilt

Hormones are balanced. Lost 17 Lbs. of fat

“I was able to balance my hormones, and get rid of chronic pain. In 8 weeks, I lost 17 pounds of body fat, and no longer needed surgery. Finally!”





100 pounds Lost! Increased Energy

“Following the rules in Dr. Z’s book, I went from 293 pounds to 186 pounds. I do not feel fatigued throughout the day, and my energy level has gone through the roof! Thank You.”





Lowered cholesterol and cardiovascular risk

“Following your advice, I lost 40 pounds, cut my body fat greatly, and my blood tests are great. I have energy to train for a local cancer charity bike ride.”





My blood pressure and cholesterol are normal.

“I’ve lowered my cholesterol, and my blood pressure is back to normal. I have lost 30 pounds, cut my body fat in half and have plenty of energy. Thanks Dr. Z”





My body quickly took shape.

“The change in my body was pretty fast. After two weeks, my body started to lean out and take shape. I recommend Dr. Z’s diet to all of my clients.”





Rebuild your body. Rebuild your mind. Get Rebuilt.™

Dr. Z has helped me tremendously. Through regular adjustments and nutritional guidance, I no longer have digestive problems and my dizziness is gone. Joan P.

Following gastric bypass surgery, I suffer from migraines, neuropathy and anemia. I also have a debilitating malabsorption syndrome, and I am incapable of digesting food like the average person can. On Dr. Z’s recommendations, my GI distress is gone allowing me to eat normally again, and my anemia is getting much better. Jamie B.

I developed coronary artery disease and turned to many doctors for help. My blood work revealed major inflammation and abnormal blood sugar. After a few months working with Dr. Z, my C-reactive protein went from 6.5 to.6. My sugar is back to normal, and I have a six-pack again. The real difference between Dr. Z and the other doctors is . . . his plan works! John C.

Following seven months of chemo, 4 weeks of radiation, and major surgery to open my chest, I was left anemic with low red and white cells. My thyroid was weak and my testosterone levels were lower than normal. Following a personalized plan I created, my thyroid and testosterone are back to normal, and I am no longer anemic Dr. Z