Fox & Friends discuss Dr. Z's cancer story and Rebuild

Melissa Francis and Dr. Z discuss cancer test

Dr. Z in Muscle and Fitness


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Dr. Z discusses health myths with Melissa Francis

5 Steps Caregivers Can Use to Care for Themselves.

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Dr. Z is interviewed on ‘The Stupid Cancer Show’, episode 295

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Dr. Z erases myths and reduces stress

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‘A Survivor Touts ‘Cancer victor’ Regimen’

The most common complaint Dr. Robert Zembroski hears from patients is that medical professionals don’t listen to them. They’re grateful that he does.

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What Do You Mean I’m Over-reacting? Balance hormones the natural way

Dr Zembroski discusses a “systems biological approach,” (i.e. he looks a the total picture) to resolving hormone-based issues.

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“Cancer Victor’ raising awareness about preventative lifestyle changes

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The hyperactive roller coaster: ADD and ADHD

For years, the disorder has been mired in controversy including over-diagnosis and side effects from prescription medication.

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Back in the saddle. By Heather Barr

“Struggling to find answers to their son’s behavior problems, a Newtown couple found help through diet, vitamins and traditional medicine.”

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How to keep the weight off after you say “I Do”

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