Are you dealing with an unresolved chronic health problem or serious disease? Check out Dr. Zembroski's new book!

About Dr. Zembroski

Dr. Z is a specialist in functional medicine with 24 years of experience in rebuilding people from chronic health issues and disease back to excellent health.

Whether you are looking to rebuild your body from a chronic disease or unresolved health issue; rebuild your body to prevent disease, or lose toxic body fat and get lean, he provides a clear guide to designing your own program to meet your specific needs.

No fads or extremes, it includes sound advice rooted in solid scientific research and real experience. He makes the research accessible and understandable.

He shows you how to apply it with simple “do-it-yourself” tools. And he shows you how to keep it all in perspective so you can sustain your changes for a lifetime.

The date of publication for REBUILD is June 12, 2018

He is currently working with Emmy Award-winning Dolger Films on a documentary about the physical and emotional anguish patients go through in their quest to recover from and rebuild from chronic and life-threatening diseases.

The film will feature new research, as well as the lifestyle changes that prevent and reverse serious illness and other chronic health issues.

Additionally, Dr. Z is certified in the diagnosis and treatment of ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities, and behavioral disorders. An avid brain researcher, he has created a natural supplement formulation for ADD and ADHD, for which he has a patent pending.

Years ago, Dr. Zembroski’s own diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma led to several courses of toxic chemotherapy, as well as surgery, to remove a five-inch tumor from his chest.

Through the use of nutritional support, targeted supplementation, exercise, stress reduction and elimination of toxins, he is not only cancer-free, but has returned to excellent health.

That experience inspired him to create the Cancer Victor Protocol®—a research-based parallel set of steps that augments the function of chemotherapy and radiation treatments to not only improve the function of the chemo, but to radically reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapy. The protocol also will make a person going through cancer care stronger and more resilient, leading to better results and a more rapid recovery.

Because of his experience, Dr. Zembroski (“Dr. Z”) has recently completed his first book drawing on the latest research, his own journey to rebuild himself after disease, and over 24 years of working with his patients.

His considerable expertise in nutrition and biochemistry, as well as hormone profiling, treatment and rehabilitation, has been serving Fairfield County and beyond for 24 years, bringing an end to the fear and confusion so many of us experience in the quest for authentic wellness.

Using the most advanced equipment and techniques, Dr. Zembroski ensures his patients are receiving the highest quality of care.

He participates in countless hours of continuing education annually to remain informed on the latest developments in the science of neurology, epigenetics, nutrition, and functional medicine.

He also devotes countless hours to researching developments in nutritional science and hormone balancing. Through the National University of Health Sciences, Dr. Zembroski has lectured throughout the northeast to colleagues and other healthcare practitioners, teaching how to diagnose and treat orthostatic hypotension, vertigo, and dizziness.

He also regularly lectures to colleagues and various healthcare practitioners on the role of nutrition in treating neurological dysfunctions and other conditions.

Dr. Zembroski has lectured for Transformation Enzymes Corporation, teaching doctors about the importance of enzyme therapy, as well as natural therapies and nutritional interventions for mood disorders.

As a seasoned motivational speaker with a sincere passion for educating the public, Dr. Zembroski’s commitment to outreach, education, and support has led to speaking arrangements with the area’s most-noted companies, schools, healthcare providers, and community organizations.

He regularly speaks about the role of functional medicine in preventing and treating heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic diseases, as well as physical fitness and weight loss. His ability to make complicated issues easily understood allows him to connect with his audience in a knowledgeable, motivational, and often humorous way. 

His dynamic and engaging talks have been well received at Cobalt Boats, The Ocean Reef Club, The Northern New England Clinical Oncology Society, Citigroup, Inc.; U.S. Chemicals, LLC; Gateway Hygienist Association; Professional Learning Associations; Rehabilitation Associates; Whole Foods Market of Darien and Westport, Connecticut; Equinox Fitness; and local libraries in New Canaan, Darien, Fairfield, Wilton, and Norwalk, Connecticut. Dr. Z spoke with Joan Lunden on five super foods and their health benefits at Joan’s Camp Reveille in Naples Maine.

Dr. Z is deeply into the study and application of the most cutting-edge research in the fields of epigenetics, nutritional science, hormone balancing, chronic disease, and Functional Medicine.

A published author, doctor, and forward-thinking entrepreneur, Dr. Z’s excellent communication skills allow the reader or listener to make better decisions about health-care needs. His dedication and passion to help you uncover and resolve your health issues makes him the ideal doctor for you and your family’s health and wellness.

As part of a healthful lifestyle, he enjoys weight training, skiing, bicycling, and hiking. Dr. Z is also an enthusiastic motorcyclist.

Chiropractic Physician

New York Chiropractic College, Seneca Falls, NY, 1992

Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition

University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT, 2013

Board-Certified Chiropractic Neurologist

American Chiropractic Neurology Board, Temple, TX, 2003

Bachelor of Science Degree

University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, 1989 Major in Biology/Pre-med