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stadiumfoodBaseball is considered America’s favorite pastime. With its development in the 19th century, rapid growth in the 20th century, and continued popularity in the 21st century, baseball continues to excite all ages. When I think of movies, I think popcorn (not that I eat it); when I think of Thanksgiving, I think turkey (which I definitely eat); and when I think of baseball, I think of the New York Yankees. On one of the hottest, most humid nights in July, I sat in the new Yankee Stadium in anticipation of the game that was about to take place between the bombers and the Kansas City Royals.

As I sat there with small beads of sweat collecting on my forehead, drinking ice cold water, I looked around in amazement at the changes in technology that have taken place in the stadium. From the powerful sound system to giant screens in each corner, LCD televisions everywhere you look, and computers displaying bright and colorful advertising, I sat there taking it all in. At the same time, I couldn’t help but notice what people where stuffing down their throats. Fans in front of me, in back of me, and to the sides—all eating processed hot dogs, burgers, garlic fries, deep-fried whatever, candy-coated popcorn, unknown piles of junk, and washing it down with soda or beer. I know, I know, it’s a baseball game and that’s what you do at a game—chow down on the stadium food. “How often do you see the Yankees?” “You only live once, enjoy it!” “Everything in moderation.” “What’s baseball without a burger and a beer?” I get it!

Yes, consuming that “stuff” once in a blue moon is OK. But, from the looks of the fans, they—along with the rest of the nation—eat this way on a daily basis. Of course, this made me think of the diseases and health problems associated with eating chemicals and junk, and the chronic health issues associated with being overweight and obese. I also sat there wondering how we can wake people up to the devastating effects of ingesting poorly chosen food, as well as the potential outcome on their health, by living with the mindset “You only live once.” Play ball!!