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Because ADD/ADHD is a multi-faceted issue, resolving “it” requires a multi-step approach.

As stated in the past few posts on ADD/ADHD, the roots behind this and other learning challenges, are disconnects in certain regions of the brain, a perhaps genetic component, and adverse reactions to certain ingestable materials called food.

As with any health issue, once a cause has been identified, an appropriate treatment can be recommended and given.

In the case of ADD being a brain based problem, it only makes sense that a brain based treatment should be prescribed. Medications can sometimes help with symptoms, but there will never be resolution to these cognitive challenges  solely though pharmaceuticals.

Balancing the hemispheres with specific stimulations, changing food sources that are known to alter brain function, and supplying specific nutrients known to improve brain chemistry, is the correct way to improve and resolve ADD/ADHD and the list of other learning challenges.

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